Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

This cleaner says it all just by it’s name.  Wet and forget it!  Spray it on and forget it.
Our shower is cleaner now than ever and don’t take even 1/4 of the work or pain in our backs as it had been.  When we first started using it, we couldn’t keep the mucky film off of the shower, the shower doors or the walls.  Now, we just spray the shower and there are NO other things we have to do to clean it.  There are no residues left, no mildew after showers, no rings around the tub or anything.  Not to sound like someone with an ego issue, but it’s the cleanest shower I’ve ever seen in my entire life!  It’s about as clean as a hospital shower if not cleaner!
Smells like Vanilla, you apply once a week, the sprayer stores in the handle and you don’t have to worry about walking in the shower with the bottle.  Just the hose and the nozzle to spray with is a great thing as it saves your back in the process.
One bottle cleans for 12 weeks and you spray it one time a week.  Your done!
Keep in mind, they also have the “Wet and Forget” for outside too!  
Check out what it cleans –>  HERE  <–

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