Wendy Levitt: At The Corner of Wall and Sesame Book Review

At The Corner of Wall and Sesame by Wendy Levitt

At the Corner of Wall and Sesame

At the corner
This book has hit so close to being a mimic of my own life!  I may not have been a VP or a SEO to a huge company like ‘V’, the mom in this book, but it sure does seem like I read about my own life.
Any mom that has had to make a decision in their career about either their job or their children, will absolutely love this book!
The emotions of this book are humor, sadness, anger and finally it turns to a wonderful ending.
‘V’ and Jason were both enjoying their lives and working a lot of long hours.  When ‘V’ had their daughter, she had struggles with trying to get things together and she learned that things don’t always go as planned when you’re a parent, no like it does before when you have the career that she had.
As this book goes through the life of a career changed woman into a mom, you’ll see the real life of what it’s like for a lot of women that have children and try to balance out life as a working parent.
Even while their daughter, Madison, was in her early months of life mom had to learn to cope with taking care of baby and learning to do things all on her own.  This is the first step to any new parent, even if it’s not their first child.
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