Veggie Tales on Netflix

Are you a “Veggie Tales” fan?  Do you enjoy remakes of old stories and childhood tales?

Veggie Tales can take any of the stories or childhood tales and then them into stories with morals and lessons of everyday life.  They even teach lessons from the Bible and how it relates to life.

Veggie Tales are a favorite of all ages.  They are great for family nights.

Well there is some great news for Netflix users and Veggie Tale fans.  Veggie Tales series are now showing up on Netflix.  They have hours of fun and entertainment for toddlers, children and even those that are young at heart.

You’ve got to check out Netflix.  If you’ve never seen Veggie Tales and would like to know more, a new mom and even moms of experience, be sure to check out the video that I’ve attached.  Be sure to watch it with your child.  There are songs in the middle of the video that they will enjoy.

I received 3 months of Netflix in hopes of my honest review and thoughts.  All thoughts are my own and no other’s.  There has been, nor will there be, any other compensation.  This post is in the guidelines of the FTC.  I am not affiliated with Netflix or Veggie Tales in any way whatsoever.

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