Top 5 Valentine’s Day flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

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5 Top Flower Picks for Your Valentine’s Day Celebration

As a mom of six and a wife of 10 years, the one thing that I enjoy more than the holidays and Mother’s Day is Valentine’s Day.  I’m not one for candy.  I would rather have Valentine’s Day flowers more, more than anything!

They are no doubt the favorite picks for the season of love.  Since times immemorial, a flower has been the best conveyor of love and romance.  As a Valentine’s Day gift a flower bouquet, bunch, or arrangement would be the classic gift option.  You may go for a heart-shaped flower arrangement to narrate your love for a special person.

Here are top 5 top flower picks which you can plan to gift your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.  The Valentine flowers by FNP would be a great help in your selection of a flower gift to woo him/her.

Roses: It is undoubtedly the best flower in the world which grows almost in every country.  This flower is the epitome of beauty and to complement the beauty of your girlfriend or wife, this would be the best choice.  Greet her during the early morning of Valentine’s Day with a fresh bouquet of mixed color roses.  You can also opt for a midnight delivery of an arrangement of heart-shaped red roses.


valentines day flowers

Tulips: This flower comes second after the roses in terms of popularity.  Generally, this flower is associated with true love.  But fascination, royalty, abundance, prosperity, and unlimited are also reflected from tulips.  Many centuries ago, this flower originated in Persia and Turkey and played an important role in the flow of their art and culture.  There was a Turkish tradition of wearing tulips on the turbans.  Order a scintillating vase arrangement of red and purple tulips and wish your sweetheart on this Valentine’s Day.


Orchids: Orchids form the largest flower family with almost 25000 species and over 100000 varieties.  This flower has been regarded as a glowing symbol of beauty, love, refinement, charm, and thoughtfulness since the ancient time.  You can opt for a bouquet of red, pink, and green orchids on this V-day for your darling.  Red orchids symbolize passion desire, strength, and courage; pink orchids expresses grace, joy, innocence, happiness, and femininity; and the green orchids represent good fortune and blessings.  So, this is the perfect gift of love for the loveliest person in your life.



Lilies: The fragrance of this flower is enthralling.  In many cultures across the world, this flower has an importance.  For example, in Chinese culture, a lily flower bouquet during wedding occasion is regarded as a good luck.  For your V-Day celebration, go for the bouquet of red lilies as that represent passionate love.


Carnations: Love, fascination, and distinction are the characteristic symbol of this bushy flower.  Select a red and orange carnation flower bouquet to surprise your sweetheart on the occasion of Valentine’s Day because this bouquet expresses love, enthusiasm, romance, and courage.

The color red has romantic implication and thus any flower in red color can be your best valentine flower to express your heartfelt love.  Go for these above-mentioned flowers and make your partner feel special.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and ideas are my own and no others.  This post might contain affiliate links.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.


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