Urbini Starri 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Universal Changing Table Review

Since this is my sixth child, I can say that I’ve never been happier with a crib before.    Urbini crib is absolutely perfect.  Every child is unique and well, so are the cribs.  I like this one the best of all of the cribs.  My favorite things are that you never have to buy another bed due to the fact that it is like a transformer and goes from baby bed all the way up to a full size bed (4-in-1 Urbini Crib).  It’s stylish and comes in colors that will match anything that you decide to decorate the baby’s room with or even their genders.  This bed is sturdy, unique and very fashionable.  I absolutely love it!  
Another great unique feature is that it’s not as heavy as normal beds for infants.  That makes it easier for a pregnant woman to actually move it around with ease.  We don’t have to strain or hurt ourselves when we decide that we want the room in a different layout than when we first put it together.  Remember, to us, everything has to be perfect.

This is the first time I’ve enjoyed the fact of being able to have a changing table.  I’ve had one before.  However, I never liked using it for actually changing diapers.  This time I plan to do just that.
This changing table is perfect for not just a changing table, but also storing all sorts of much needed, “grab-me-fast” products when you need them for taking care of your infant.  This one matches the Urbini 4-in-1 bed and works perfect with any color of the baby’s room or gender of your infant.  It’s sturdy and also has plenty of room for diapers, wipes and even extra changes of clothing.
The table is light weight, easy to move and rearrange the room in the way that we want it at the last minute without the help of someone else.  It doesn’t become a difficult task when we’re doing our nesting stage.  Everything about this is perfect!  We can get the padding to fit the top and any cover to the padding for changing the infant will match perfectly.

This was received in hopes of an honest review.  No other compensation has been given, nor is intended.  I am not affiliated with Wal-mart in any way whatsoever.  This review is in the guidelines of the FTC.
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