Updates and blog and pregnancy!

As most of you know, I’ve decided to come back to this blog.  I’m getting it ready for blogging and more things that I will have to come.  It may not start 100% until after the baby is born.  Being high risk, they are thinking about delivering him at 32 weeks.  That is just eight weeks away.

I’ve updated some of the blog with a new layout, different colors and even some new badges and rearranged those.  I thought it was about time for some updates and changes.  Change can be good.

I’m looking to still raise a bit of the funds that I need for when the baby is born.  After all, I will be about 100 miles away from home when they deliver him.  A friend and wife (both friends actually) has gathered up so many things for the baby that the wish list on Amazon has gone from 11 pages to 4.  That alone is a blessing.  We’re still needing things though.

They got a really good pic of the baby’s left foot! 

Things like a swing, crib, mattress, etc.  If you’ll click on the GoFundMe badge at the top right, you’ll go to that and there is a link for the Amazon wish list for Baby Burres.  Please share the GoFundMe or the Wish list.  That would be a great big helper if you can’t afford to help any other way.

I can’t sit up for long at a time.  My father is currently in the hospital and with the high risk pregnancy, their fur baby not allowing me to rest, I’m exhausted.  I would appreciate any positive thoughts, healing thoughts, prayers, lit candles or anything that you would be willing to do for both of us.

May hugs and blessings to all of you out there.
Lia Burres

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