Update On “Make a Plate”: They’ve Arrived

Today I received one of the coolest things that I have ever
gotten to review here on the blog!  I had
told you in another post a few weeks ago about “Make a Plate”.  I even included the art in photos for you to
see the before and the after when they came back in.  We got to create the art and put it all
together to “Make a Plate”.
They came complete in plate form today!  I have to say that these are the coolest
things EVER!
They are so neat!  The
company carefully packaged them with thick paper between each one and wrapped
the final in bubbles!  (My children call
them bubbles when they are actually “Bubble Wrap”.)  They eve shipped them via FedEx.
Each plate is carefully crafted and absolutely
beautiful.  They are made to eat off
of.  However, they also make great home
decorations.  The colors are bright,
perfectly even and applied to the plates.
These will make great gifts too!
They have a sticker on the backs that tell you how to take
care of them.
Wash before use
Do not use scouring pad to clean
Dishwasher safe
Do NOT microwave
Thank you MakeIt.com for sending these for review here on
the blog at http://www.bitoeverything.com.  They are absolutely wonderful!  I love them!!!
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