Update on blog stats. High Risk Pregnancy for Author Lia Burres

As most of you know, from a while back, I had moved this blog to a new hosting and with a unique URL.  Well, financial issues has made me to decide to move it back to this blog.

With this said, I’ll be posting updates on the blog for things like free stuff, great deals, a few items that I think are unique, recipes and things like that.  It will be random things and things that I enjoy or find fascinating.  It will remain that way until after the birth of my sixth child, which is high risk and I’m having many medial issues with.  It will be the same after the birth, but I’ll be able to do more and share more with you as my readers and also as you will be my friends (contact with the outside world is a must for any pregnant woman!).

Here is an ultrasound photo of the baby.

Lavonnia AllisonBurres Ultrasound December 2014

I’m 20 weeks along.  I have belirubin, protein and blood in my urine.  I’m passing kidney stones too.  Walking is a huge task for me and when it’s between passing the stones, I try to get out of the house to walk for exercise while running errands.  I’ve been bed ridden most of this pregnancy.

My last five pregnancies included my placenta had stopped working, Toxemia for two of the pregnancies, lost a twin of the second one and the fifth child (the ended up being single births because of that),

Lavonnia AllisonBurres Ultrasound December 2014

So far this little guy is right on track.  I’ve been having to see a normal OB doctor and a high risk pregnancy doctor out of Chattanooga.  Luckily for me, they have a local office to where I don’t have to travel that far, but it scares me that if the baby is born here and needs NICU, I’ll be left here and the baby will be 100 miles away like my last born child…only boy to date until this little guy is born.

He’s a wiggly little guy.  He’s always moving with either the hick-ups or trying to get away from someone touching him with an ultrasound machine.  It takes them forever to get what they want for the ultrasounds to check his growth and heart rate.  I thought my last two children were bad, but not as bad as this little guy.  Since he’s on track right now, I can’t complain to much.  I just keep praying that he’ll stay on track and everything goes as it should.

With all of that said, when I got pregnant, before I found out, I lost my journalist job.  That was one of the reason that I let the other blog with hosting go.  I needed that little bit of extra money for the baby.  As it stands, I’ve also lost my blogging income because I let it go and we’re behind and having issues with buying what we need for the baby.  I’ve set up a GoFundMe account (located at the top right of the blog).  It isn’t much to some, but I can manage to get the main things that this little guy will be needing.  The full details that I could remember and think of are on the page for you to see and read.  I don’t ask for much.  IF you can’t help, try helping by just sharing and getting the word out to where someone that can …they just might see it.

I hope you’re all well and are having a great NEW YEAR.  Blessings to all of you and may your NEW YEARS resolutions be a success for you this year!

(Lia for short)

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