Universal Orlando Florida Vacation: Huge discount!


Family Forward is offering a great deal on a family vacation to Universal Orlando in September!  It is for Thursday, September 1, 2016 3 PM – Monday, September 5, 2016 9 PM for the family.  Time is for EDT.  For a family of 5 it costs $1,999  and $400 per additional member.  There is a $9.95 fee for processing.


This event is great for the whole family!

Image borrowed from Universal Orlando website.

The Harry Potter Diagon Alley is the first place I’ll be going.  I’ve always wanted to go there since the first time I seen it advertised on TV.  Plus, there is a new book coming out soon.  It takes place 19 years later!

I really want to go and see what it’s like, ride the rides and shop with my teens there.  The last time I got to go to Orlando, I enjoyed every minute of it with my children.  Now I can take them and their younger siblings to enjoy that too.  They were to young to remember it then, but this time, I can’t wait!



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