For the past few days I’ve been going back and forth to Firmoo about the contest that was here on the blog.

It was originally agreed that they would pay me so much depending on the number of entrants (the number of people that have entered the contest for the glasses).  It was also set that I were to send them the winners emails.

Ok, then when the giveaway was over they decided that they wanted everyone’s email addresses, all information, for ME to message the winners to get the information for their glasses and blah blah blah.

Ok, first of all, it is stated here on the blog, if they would had read, they would know that under NO circumstances will I EVER give out my readers or followers information whatsoever.  I would never EVER do that to any of you that come by here to enter to win something as it’s just not right.  To me, it’s an invasion of privacy and loss of loyalty.

This is what I done instead.  I took a screenshot of the contest entrants on the back part of the giveaway widget.  I edited the photo to where all emails, Twitter usernames and also Facebook usernames were blurred out.  I figured if I were not so irritated with the circumstances, it would not have been this bad.  But UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I EVER GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION.  BE CAREFUL WHEN ENTERING CONTESTS FOR FREE GLASSES FROM FIRMOO, they are trying to harvest emails through bloggers!  This is a NO NO!

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