TruKid All Natural Dancing Detangler

TruKid has all natural products for children.  Shampoo, Conditioner, Sunscreen; you name it.
Each one has a fun word on them and these are not boring products.
The “Detangler” has “Dancing” wrote on it.
Other products have words like; silly, happy, cool, bubbly and many others.
TruKid is not just for kids natural products either.  They have other items like:
Suncare, baby care, hair care and wash & body care!
Each product has an image on them to show children what to use the products on.
A “hand” on the orange image shows younger children that it’s to be used for washing their hands and not their hair.  The image for “hair” is a smiley face with hair standing up like Mr. Smiley just got the shock of his life.
They have an affiliate program as well.  TruKid is a natural product that teaches children of all ages how to be organically safe and go natural from the start!

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