This Is How To Keep Your Child’s Immune System Strong!

This Is How To Keep Your Child’s Immune System Strong!

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Has there ever been a more critical time to make sure that your child’s immune system is healthy? Of course, it is even more difficult for kids to keep healthy than it is for adults. This is because they are usually around larger groups of people in school, and the younger ones don’t always understand proper hygiene. The good news is that you can use plenty of tactics to boost your child’s immune system and help keep them as healthy as possible. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Focus on a nutritious diet 

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for our kids. However, the reasons may be less obvious, not to mention the challenge of making sure they eat their 5 a day!

It’s a good idea for kids to eat five fruits and vegetables a day because they contain many vital nutrients that help keep the body in peak condition. These include fiber, which is vital for the digestive systems, and water, which can help keep the body hydrated. Fruits and veggies are also high in vitamins and phytonutrients, which are believed to boost the body’s ability to fight disease and infection. 

If getting your kids to eat their 5 a day is a struggle, why not try the hidden veggie method? This is all about adding vegetables in small portions to food items that you kids love. For example, you can add grated courgettes to muffins or cakes or finely chopped carrots, onions, and mushrooms to pizza or pasta sauce. 

Also, providing your child with the opportunity to try new vegetables and fruits each week is a brilliant move. Indeed, as their taste will change as they mature, even items they previously turned their nose up at may be enjoyed on the second or third time around.

Support their immune system with supplements 

You can also make sure your child’s immune system stays strong to make sure it is supported with supplements. There is a vast range of supplements on the market, including vitamins that can help keep your child’s immune system working effectively. 

Of course, getting your kids to swallow supplement pills is another matter entirely. Indeed, many children can be resistant to this. The bitter taste associated with many supplement capsules and pills certainly does not help. 

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The good news is that there is a different way to make sure your children get these valuable vitamins and nutrients. It’s to provide them with gummy vitamins. Indeed, there is a whole range of gummy vitamin benefits, including a better taste and the fact that they seem like a treat but are actually doing your kids good. You can even find super clean organic versions. Something that can further help to maintain the standard of your child’s diet. 

Make sure they get a good night’s sleep. 

I know that for sleep-deprived parents, there is nothing that they would like more than to be able to guarantee that their kids would stay asleep all night! However, it is worth noting that a lack of sleep can be harmful to children, as well as parents. Indeed, it can also be bad news for children and make them more likely to get ill and reduce their natural immunity. 

With that in mind, doing everything you can to promote better sleep in your kids is a smart idea. This means reducing screen time the closer that it gets to bedtime. It can also help get them into a regular routine that will send signals to the brain and body that it will soon be time to sleep. Usually, a warm bath, low lighting, and some lavender pillow spray will be useful here too. 

Encourage exercise 

Did you know that there are many health benefits to regular exercise, including that it helps boost the number of immune cells in your child’s system? 

To that end, encouraging your child to exercise regularly is essential. One way you can do this is to build physical activity in their routine. For example, you may take a walk after dinner as a family each night. Alternatively, providing them with the resources and encouragement to attend a gymnastics club or take up a team sport like basketball or hockey?

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Of course, our kids learn by observing what their parents are doing, and that means one of the most impactful things you can do as a parent is to set a good example. That means it’s just as crucial for your little ones to see you regularly exercising as anything else you can do for them concerning immunity boosts. 

Encourage them to practice good hygiene. 

Yes, that’s right, we are talking about germs and their spread here. After all, if fewer germs are being spread about your child’s chances of getting sick will be significantly reduced. 

Of course, amid a worldwide pandemic, we have all got really good at limiting the spread of germs, including viruses. In part, by doing things such as limiting physical contact, wearing face masks in public, and regularly and thoroughly washing our hands. 

Indeed, even children who cannot fully grasp the concept of germs can be taught to wash their hands well. You can also make this task more fun by choosing candy-scented hand soap and giving them their own towels with their favorite cartoon characters on!

Practice good hygiene around the home 

In addition to educating your children on how to practice good hygiene, you must do what you can to keep your home clean and disease free as well. Indeed, living in an environment with too many pathogens such as black mold can put an additional strain on your child’s immune system. Therefore regular cleaning and common-sense hygiene and waste disposal methods are essential here. 

However, experts also suggest an environment that is too sterile can negatively affect children’s immune systems. In fact, our immune systems usually work best when they have already encountered things that could be a health risk. Something that ensures they know what they are and can execute the correct response to dispatch them. 

With that in mind, preventing your child from playing in the dirt outside and bleaching every surface they touch can be as bad for them as living in squalor. Instead, a reasonable compromise between the two is a more favorable approach. Which is lucky really because, as anyone with little kids knows, they will regularly do things like putting items that have been on the floor in their mouths all the time. So perfection is never possible! 

Be mindful of antibiotic use

Yes, antibiotics are fantastic and can do a lot of good when used in the right situation. However, not every illness your child gets needs to be treated with antibiotics. In fact, this can often do more harm than good. 

The reason for this is antibiotics are only useful in the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria. That means for issues with viruses and fungi as the route, they will not be useful. 


Additionally, strains of bacteria can build up resistance to antibiotics if they are overused. That means some bacterial diseases become more difficult to treat over the long term. With that in mind, you should always take your doctor’s advice when asking for antibiotics for your child and never ask for them when they would not be of use. 

Final thoughts 

There are many things you can do to boost your child’s immune system, including encouraging exercise, a good diet, and plenty of sleep. Don’t forget, you can also enhance their immune system by limiting antibiotic use and providing supplements. Don’t forget that having a that is clean but not sterile is vital too! 

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links included in this post. All thoughts are my own and no others. This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.

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