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Rated PG13
“The stories in this book present a buffet of fear in its subtle flavours: suspense, apprehension, foreboding, disquiet. They don’t shock with extreme violence or gross out with masses of gore. However, they may induce terror, and some may leave you disturbed long after you’ve closed the book.

Fear is personal. The same story may constrict one person’s chest and set their heart racing, yet send only a mild tingle down another readers’ spine.

We all have certain personal fears, and if a story touches on one of those themes, the horror escalates. If you have a dread of drowning,  I Dived the Pandora will be the scariest story for you.
Dog lovers may find Black Karma cute, but if canines give you the creeps, you may read it and shudder. While most readers find The Bridge Chamber scary, it can be a source of unbearable terror if you’re claustrophobic.

The great thing about horror fiction is that it puts you in control of your fears. In the comfort of your armchair, you can release the adrenaline rush that comes from danger, enjoy its thrills yet know you’re safe.

You decide when, how, and how much you want to be frightened. You can choose to linger over passages that give you a pleasant thrill, read straight though sections that do nothing to you, and if a story gets too frightening for your taste, you can close the book and relax.

With a short story collection, you can skip some stories and savour others that give you fear in your preferred colour, flavour and strength.

My brand of horror is ‘quiet’ in the tradition of classic British spooky tales, atmospheric and creepy rather than gory and violent.

The stories in this book have been previously published in magazines, ezines, collections and anthologies, sometimes in different versions. They’re also collected in volumes 1-5 of the Six Scary Tales books.  The grammar and spelling are British.” wrote by Rayne Hall

You must be over the age of 18 due to PG13 and they are “Scary” tales.  Also be sure to check out Rayne Halls other books of collections of stories.  All are very entertaining and creepy… perfect with Halloween coming up!

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