There is a new cat product out for your fur baby ~ Litter Genie

Check out the new Litter Genie for your fur baby!

If you’re one of my Instagram followers, you’ll know that I have been taking care of a mom that had been a stray and she was pregnant.  Well, she had her furry babies!  I had them in my bathroom up until I could get them to the shelter so that they were old enough to find homes and get their shots and everything that they needed to have done for a new fur-ever home.

This little guy is Grey Nose.  I couldn’t think of anything to call him because I tried my hardest to not get to attached to him or his siblings.  Unfortunately for me, that didn’t happen.  I still got attached to him.  He was the only one that automatically figured out the litter box!  I guess he had been watching his mom pretty closely.

litter genie

There were 2 siblings and his mom to boot.  The litter box was NOT pretty by any means and neither was the bathroom!  So, for the last 2 weeks of having all of the furry family in our bathroom, we were able to maintain the litter a whole lot easier than we had been with the Litter Genie.  The Litter Genie works just like the diaper genie for new parents.  It actually comes with your first fill of bags.  I do suggest putting in one of the car air fresheners or some sort of sticky air fresheners (if they still make that type).

litter genie

This is what the genie looks like.  The black piece that you see my hand on, you simply pull that out and the litter drops to the bottom and out of sight.  (You can put the air fresheners on the inside of the bottom and one on the top when you flip the lid up.)  To pull that out, you simply push down on that little black button in the center and pull out the tab.  Yes.  You can do that with one hand.

The Litter Genie comes with the litter scoop and your first set of refill bags.  When you get it, it is light weight and easy to assemble.  Keep in mind, there is NOT that much to assemble.  You just simply clip on the slot for the scooper and place the scooper in it, and the bags will be inside of the body too.  Those you just basically lift the top and drop that into the main part after lifting the 2 lids.  The second lid is to keep the refills in place.

litter genie

Everything else is already assembled.

When you get ready to use it, you can sit it right next to the litter box while you’re cleaning it out.  You don’t have to worry about lifting a bag up or aiming for a bag that you have available.  I’ve tried both methods and both ended up with litter on the floor.  That is a mess by itself and an extra one to clean up.

litter genie

As you can see, the bag needs to be tied at the bottom.  I tied it into a knot.  The little white piece that you see is how you cut it to remove it.  You simply put it into the blade and swipe it to the left.  It cuts it evenly and pretty easily.

I think what I really like the most is that this is very easy to maintain and clean.  It took me less than a minute to clean it up for taking photos for you to see it.  The lid is still partly wet (which shows in the photo above).


Do I recommend the Litter Genie?

Yes!  I do recommend this.  It saves time and it is easier to clean up.  There are no other messes to have to clean up either.  It’s easy to use.  It’s a lot quicker than having to sweep up litter every time you have to pull up on one of the bags that you line the box with.


Where else can you find the Litter Genie?

You can find them on the following sites:

Litter Genie website






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