The Watchman by Matt Langford REVIEW

A child with autism going through life and trying to deal with changes, as his family moves to the country and even his brother and sister growing up.  He can’t understand why his family is “falling apart” as his sister and brother are growing up.  
His name is Adam and he’s a sweet kid and no one understands what he’s thinking because he can’t really talk.  He don’t understand what others are saying to him much but he does understand when someone treats him with normalcy.  
When his sister moves out to go to college, he becomes quite upset and not sure how to deal with the change.  He thought that his family would never leave him.  Joss is heartbroken because Adam refuses to tell her bye when they take her to the college that she is to attend.
Soon after, his father takes a job in another town and his brother moves out.  He’s left alone with his mother and his rage builds at all the changes that he cannot understand.  He thinks that his family had fallen apart, left him and he becomes very violent because he cannot understand or cope with the changes. 
This book has been an emotional rollercoaster ride from the very beginning of the book.  This is a real issue in real life that most don’t seem to understand or want to live with.  They cannot accept the reality of what really goes on and they think that they should “shun” those that are just as normal as we are.  Just because someone cannot communicate or even talk as we do, doesn’t mean that they should be “shunned” or even made fun of by others.  They are some very creative and wonderful people on the inside, no matter how different they are on the outside.
I have to give Matt Langford 2 THUMBS UP for making this a well known fact in this book. He made me laugh, cry and even come closer to a lot of the people that I grew up with.  Well done Matt!  I really enjoyed this book with everything that I read and learned.  Even the things that I had not already realized, this book opened my mind and eyes to the ways of how humans can be so dumb toward the fact that some are just not opening to the fact that all of the ones that have a “cap” and cannot communicate like we do, are just as normal and smart in their own ways.  I think that Adam was using sign language even to tell he was hungry, made it known that it would help many more like his circumstances.  It just takes time, patients and understanding with a huge heart.
I grew to know Adam and have to say that he’s the one person in life that should be an example to everyone everywhere!  Thank you Matt Langford!

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