The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin

This book will break all and bust any myths ever made about taking care of your skin.
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Watch as you see how to create a Natural Eye Look.
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Keep in mind that Dana is 49 and don’t look a day over 30 (if she even looks that old). 
While they are helping you to look younger, they are also helping out very important non profit organizations for great causes.
All she does is teach you how to use the right dermatologist-approved products the right way and not spend a fortune while doing it.  Even while Dana isn’t wearing face “paint” (this is what I call it when my 55 year old mother puts on her makeup), she still looks very young.
Dana use to have issues with her skin, like many of us do today.  However, she sure don’t look to have ever had the issue.
Look here:
Check out some of the most real “before and after” photos that have ever been done!  (just in case the link don’t work)
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A percentage of proceeds of these two go to non profit organizations with a good cause.

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