The PureLights of Oham Totem

Two children, Zoey and Coda, go on a new adventure in this story.  With a Native American theme (so it sounds to me), the children learn of their Spirit Guides.  They come to a tree in the middle of a forest that teaches them about listening to the wilderness and the forests around them.  What they learn through their first lesson from the “Snow Tree” is how to listen to nature and what it has to say.
Ohm Totem is where they turn into their Spirit Guides and there are many other Spirits there as well.
This is very well written with many messages that should be passed on for all to hear, learn and be a part of.  
I actually love this story as it transforms from one thing to the next, brings the two siblings together and they learn so much in the one cycle of the moon.  I’ve got to give this two thumbs up in an all around paranormal, fantasy, adventure type tale that is wise in it’s words.
Yet to be released.  Please visit the site for more information and when the book is to be released!

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