The Pasta Shoppe Review

Photo by Lia Burres
The Pasta Shoppe has some of the neatest pastas for getting children to eat along with fundraising.  They have a whole lot of different pastas to choose from.  I think the neatest thing that they have is the football for NCAA.  That’s right.  You can even get football pastas for Football Sundays!

Photo by Lia Burres
They have pastas that come with seasonings for a full meal.  This was the “Chicken Noodle Soup” and all I had to do was cut up and add veggies to the soup, not that you have to.  I also grilled the chicken to cook out all of the stuff that isn’t good for your body and then cut those up into small squares to include with the soup.

Photo by Lia Burres
The noodles to the chicken noodle soup comes in the shapes of chickens and roosters.  They are really neat and even cook very well.  If you don’t add the veggies and the chicken, this soup can be ready in as little as 15 minutes.
They also have Chili!  The chili looks really good.  I haven’t gotten this one yet, but as good as the first one was, I’ve seriously got to try it.

Photo by Lia Burres
I took this photo just before adding the noodles.  All I done was add a can of sweet peas and carrots.  I added the seasoning to this before I added the noodles to where it would cook into the chicken.
They do have the gluten free noodles as well.

Photo by Lia Burres
And this is just after adding the “roosters and chickens” to the pot.  The final product was devoured before the final photo could be taken.  Thanks to a hungry household of 10.
The categories of noodles that you can choose from range from Breast Cancer Awareness, Seasons, Animals for animal lovers, Trendy and Fun, Supporting Our Troops, Sports, Celebrations and even have Cheese pastas.  Cheese pastas, Mac N Cheese.
To name off a few of their football teams that they do have:
Gators, Seminoles, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Big Orange for Tennessee Vols, Miami University for Miami Hurricanes and I do believe that they have every team there is for the NCAA. 
Be sure to check them out at
For fundraising for your school, organization or other funding needs, check them out at:
I highly recommend purchasing through fundraisers!  Help out a school or someone where you can.

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