The Ninth Orphan by Lance and James Morcan

Lance and James Morcan
Nine, as he was called due to being the ninth born orphan, was raised by a secret organization that was far underground.  He and many others were genetic experiments that were made to become secret killers that can blend in like a chameleon and never be noticed.  
Nine wants out and wants to be a free man.  
Isabelle ends up in the middle of it and it’s all sue to her photography hobby and she took a photo of a disguised man.
Nine takes Isabelle as a hostage but not because he has a choice. He didn’t want to kill her, he didn’t want to leave her for the Omega (the secret organization).  He knew that if the Omega got her, she wouldn’t stand a chance and already knew to much.
On the run for his life, with Isabelle in tow, he’s fighting to keep her safe and himself alive.
Will he keep Isabelle alive?  Will he find his freedom?
Find out when you read
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