The Little Book of Dark Tales by W R Armstrong

The stories in this book are like the stories that you would tell around a camp fire when telling scary / spooky (Dark) stories.  There are some in the book that will honestly make you skin crawl, some will horrify you and others are a shocking to the end of the tale.  With all 22 “Little Dark Tales”, this is the perfect book to take camping or to sleep overs.
I can’t tell which one of these tales would be considered as my favorite.  I actually enjoyed all of the tales.  I give the book of a rating of 9 out of 10.  Very unique for I’ve not heard stories of things like this since being in High School or going camping or even to camp as a kid.
The links above will take you to the pages of sites where you can purchase the book, or even the author’s site to where you can contact them or check for their other short stories.  There are more than just the ones in this short tale book.  

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