The Health Benefits Of Eating Fruit

The Health Benefits Of Eating Fruit

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  There are no affiliate links included in this post.  All thoughts are my own and no other.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.

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Fruit is one of those foods that we all eat when we are younger but as we grow older for some reason a lot of us forget to bring fruit into our daily diet. 

In the new year, we all want to make changes to our diet in a positive way and fruit is the ideal way to do this: from smoothies to fruit and yoghurt there are many ways to bring fruit into our diet and many health benefits we will see from it. 

Today we want to talk about fruit and the health benefits it can bring to your life if you start eating more fruit this January. 

It lowers blood pressure 

One of the first major health benefits of fruit is that it will lower your blood pressure. One of the things you want to ensure in the new year is that you reduce your cholesterol and try to reduce your blood pressure. The fruit is helpful for this because it will provide some essential vitamins and minerals to the body that help to flush out toxins in the blood and make it flow more easily around the body. 

It provides natural sugar 

One thing that fruit is full of is natural sugars – and for anyone trying to be healthier in the new year, it is so important to invest natural sugar rather than refined sugars found in our coffee, cereal, and chocolate. Make the swap to fruit instead of unhealthy snacks during January and you will notice that your blood sugar doesn’t peak and trough and instead you end up with a steady amount of energy throughout the day. 

It gives you energy 

One of the things that we briefly mentioned above was the power of fruit to give us energy. This is not only due to the natural sugar within fruit but also the vitamins and minerals that it contains. Vitamin A helps with our eye health and Vitamin K ensures a strong central nervous system – so eating fruit can in fact switch us on in the morning and get us ready for a productive day. You can research juicing vs smoothies for the best way to take your fruit in the morning to really bring you a burst of energy that lasts. 

You’ll digest food quicker 

The fruit is full of fibre, and fibre is a nutrient that helps us to digest our food better and get more out of it. When you eat a lot of fatty and carb-heavy foods such as bread and pasta you can often struggle to digest it and as a result, you will end up constipated and bloated. If you have been having some real issues with your gut recently and you want to feel more comfortable – eating fruit is definitely the answer. The fruit is full packed full of fibre and will help to make you more comfortable and will soften stools to make it easier for you to digest and get rid of any heavy foods from the body. 

You’ll have a quicker metabolism 

One of the amazing things about fruit – and citrus fruit in particular – is the boost it can give to your metabolism. Our metabolism is the function of digesting food and taking those nutrients to use for essential biological processes. The rate at which we metabolise food will often dictate our weight and people who have a faster metabolism will usually be leaner than those who don’t. When you want to improve your metabolism and make it faster you can eat lemon or grapefruit. Grapefruit, in particular, should be eaten first thing in the morning 20-30 minutes before you eat anything else and it will kick your metabolism into gear and get it ready for a day of fast-paced work. 

You’ll be less stressed 

One of the things many of us want to do throughout the year is to reduce our stress levels and feel more relaxed and comfortable. Stress can be dangerous for the body both mentally and physically and many illnesses start with stress. Eating fruit is a great way to naturally reduce stress as many fruits such as strawberries cause the body to release serotonin which makes us feel happier. 

You’ll look younger 

Vitamin C is present in many of your favourite fruits and one big job it does it to produce collagen in our skin cells. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and it will make you look youthful for longer. 

Eat your 5-a-day and feel healthier and happier this year! 

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  There are no affiliate links included in this post.  All thoughts are my own and no other.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.

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