The Fourth Fisherman

The book is one of the most outstanding miracles that I’ve ever heard of.  These men were lost out in the ocean / sea for well over half of an year.  Through storms, heat, sun, starving, nothing left to drink or anything else, with only a knife and each other, three of the men survived.  The fourth man, was the word of GOD as only one man carried his Bible everywhere he went.
They lived while so many others had thought they were dead.  They ended up on the other side of the the planet.
If you have lost touch with the miracles that are still happening today in real lives, you certainly need to read this book.  I enjoyed my copy so well, that I had to share it with my pastor and gave it to him after Sunday service Easter day.  When he asked if I wanted it back, I told him that he just had to let his wife read it.

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