The Fire Prophet

This is an really wonderful book.  It really makes a person think of a Christian book version of Harry Potter when you read this.  It takes you on a journey and you realize that most of this book is in a since what is going on in the real world.
Eliza, Jeremiah and Jonah are three siblings that are quarterlings, one quarter angels set out to rescue one of GODs prophets from the fallen angels after they kidnapped her.
They had to fight the dark (evil / bad) forces.  Little Jeremiah had to learn what his gift was and help to fight even though he was only 6 years old.  Out of all of the quarterlings, he was the youngest of them all, all 13.
If you really want to read a very good book, I’ve certainly got to give this book a major 2 thumbs up.  This book would get more if I had more than two thumbs!  Will certainly be looking forward to reading more by this series, novel and author!
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