The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie by Rodney Mack

Photo by Lia Burres
These two little kittens were dropped off in the middle of nowhere when they were taken from their mother.  Eventually they were found in a huge brush pile by the people that owned the land where the pile was.  They were very scared, cold and hungry when they were found.
The first thing that the couple done was bathe them and feed them.  They were glad to be found and had a barn to sleep in where it was warm and there were other animals to play with and talk to.  Yes, in the book these two little fur babies talk to each other and the other animals.
Through the book, you’ll hear of how they grow up and the adventures that they have on the farm that they learn to call home.
This is the cutest book and it’s not one of those “Oh so short” books either.  There are three short stories wrapped inside of the paperback pages on this book.  The book has been published through Tate Publishing.  The UPC code is 9781616637019.  The book is available in audio, paperback, ebook form that can be also put onto a smartphone device.
Jimmy and Charlie also learn about God and enjoy the tales that the older animals on the farm have to tell them.  They learn of God’s love and protection!
This book deserves the highest rating possible, however I can’t give it more as I wish I really could.
Two thumbs and two big toes up!
This book was sent for review and no other compensation was given.  These are my own words and thoughts.  

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