TeeSpring Review

Note: Click on pictures to see closer and to actually know more than just the descriptions below the photos.
A new crowdfunding site that lets you be very creative with your fundraising and how it’s done.  By creating tee shirts for your worthy cause, you set the price of the shirts.

The shirts can have images added and even change the font to your own liking or to match the worthy cause of your fund raising event.  As you see on the right, you can change the style of the shirt and the color.

These images are just some of the samples that Tee Spring has available for you too choose from.  There are 1000’s of images there and they are ready to be added for your purpose.

In this image I’ve got the font selections up for you to see.  There are several of them there.  They are there for you to choose one that will match the event for your funding.  By changing the font, the original price of the tee goes up a little bit.

As you can see, you can actually change the color and still keep your design like the way that you want it.  Different colors cost a different amount.  It will go up just a small amount from choosing the color tees.

After you do that, you’ll go on to the next step of designing your shirt.  The shirt is designed, but there are two more huge steps to getting this ready for you to share and start your funding.
You’re going to set the amount of your goal on how many shirts you want to sell.  Then select a number for the price of the tee.  You will be needing to set the price for a little above the amount shown in the last step of your design.  As you will notice the one before this shows that the shirt will cost you $9.72.  By selling the shirt for just a small fraction more, you will earn that amount out of each shirt.  The total that you will earn is at the bottom written in green.  This photo will show you that by selling these tees for $11. and small change, this fund raising event will make $88.

Your last and most important step, and you must be detailed and careful for this step.  You will need to add details, title, choose a link and much more.  Try typing it out on word doc before you actually do it here.  That way you will have a way to auto correct spelling and punctuation.  

This page will show the final page of where you will be showing to your funders for raising the funds for your goals.
Whatever your funding is needed for, you can also create shirts to raise funds for any given reason.  You don’t have to be detailed on the description if you decide to.  If you want others to know what your funding is for, then by all means, add it in the descriptions.  You can raise funds for medications, goals that you can’t reach without the funding, operation, finding a loved one that is lost or missing, etc.  The list is endless for what you can do with the creations on this site.  Get creative and have a lot of fun with this.
Their shirts are not printed unless you sell the amount of your goal and you can sell more than just what your goal is.  You lose no money or invest any upfront.  If you make the sell goal by the end goal date, the tees are printed and sent out to your funders.  Your settings will need to be set on how to receive your funds either by Paypal or some other payment method.
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