Before Starting TaraFit
After 4 C-sections, 2 stomach surgeries (you can see one scar in photo). Age 34 and photo taken on January 30, 2013 before starting the TaraFit Workout!

There are just some things that I’m not only ashamed of, but I cannot stand the way that I look.  After 16 years I’m finally going to have something in front of me to force me to work toward a goal.

I had no idea that after five children and two surgeries on my stomach along with 4 C-sections, of what I really looked like and how bad I had became.  As of now, this blog and my http://www.liasmedicaljourney.com will be updated as often as possible with the results of my weight loss.  I’m right at 200lbs and want to lose 80lbs.  I don’t want to lose my height or anything else, just the weight.  Who knows?  I might even make it to where I will look taller by losing weight.  It’s been said that when someone loses weight, they look taller or shorter (can’t remember which).

I say we test that method.  I have a cousin and friends that have not seen me in 3 years.  I am going to lose this weight and then I’m going for a vacation.  We’ll see what they say.

It’s TIME!

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