T. A. Barron Weeks Post of the Day

Ok.  So I’ve lost track of count by now.  I know there are a lot more days to come and a lot more to share with all of you that are reading this.  T. A. Barron and I both would love to thank you for reading the posts of T. A. Barron Weeks here on Bit O’ Everything.

Photo by T. A. Barron
It’s really amazing to see how many books that Mr. T. A. Barron has written over the few years that he’s been writing.  For myself, I’d have to constantly be sitting at the computer and studying mythology or something similar to be able to write that many books over the years.
I’ve been writing since the 7th grade, never have I been able to manage the accomplishments that he, as one human soul, accomplished just since 2002.
The story of his life is really interesting.  If you get the chance to read or view the videos, you should really check that part out.
He is due to release “Atlantis Rising” the 26th of this month!
Photo by T. A. Barron
There are games on Mr. Barron’s site as well.  Check those out with your kiddos!

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