T. A. Barron Weeks for Sept 10-11 will be delayed

For the next two days we’re having to delay the T. A. Barron Weeks.  I’ll be going to have medical testing done.  There may be some other odd posts to come through, but those are either scheduled or just something that has been set to post from other sites.

Please, keep me in your prayers as I’m only 34 and going to be having some serious heart tests done along with seeing four other specialists.

If you’re a blogger here to help, be sure to PM me and let me know so that I can return the favor when time permits.

Many thanks to my readers.  SheInside.com

I need at least 100 people to click this link and then go to SheInside to where we can get a review going for them.  Looking forward to hearing how it goes, just comment to tell me what item you like on the site.

Here is a little something to make you smile or laugh.

Photo found on Facebook

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