T. A. Barron Weeks Day 6

Photo by T. A. Barron’s Illustrator
I know that this post is at the end of the day and not the first thing in the morning as I have tried to keep them going as.  I am truly sorry for that.
This is when Merlin is still in his early years and still coming into his magical powers.  Merlin is 13 years of age and getting to attend a council meeting.  He’s been accused of holding onto the harp that heals the lands.  The harp only responds to someone true heart and wise, also known as a wizard.
Merlin has to set out on a mission to find the souls of seven songs and has one month to do it.  While on his journey, he has yet to learn how to control his powers are they are emerging more and more every day.
The details in the book are absolutely wonderful.  
Please keep in mind that I never finish a book before doing the review, so I’m going back to reading.  I would tell you more, but it becomes a spoiler effect. 
I’ve waited long enough to finish this book up.  It’s been three weeks in waiting!

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