Susie’s Hope on DVD

Susie’s Hope is how “Susie’s Law”.  It’s the law that forces a harsher and stricter law on anyone that buses any fur baby out there in South Carolina.  Frankly, I think it should be anywhere.

Donna Lawrence is a pit bull attack survivor and is brought together by hope with Susie.  By fate bringing Susie and Donna together, they learned to heal together.  Susie was badly beaten, neglected and abused.  These two learned so much from one another during their healing process.

This is a beautiful story of learning to trust one another after what they had been through.

This DVD is 105min long and in English.  It’s not rated. It does recommend that it is for ages 12 and up.

“Every now and then, we all need rescuing.”


The movie is a little teary at times.  It’s very emotional for those that are involved with any sort of animal rescue or that has been attacked by some sort of animal in the past.  You just get sucked right into it.

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