Super Skills Box ~ Helping children feel confident

Super Skills Box for helping children feel intelligent and confident.

Out of all of the box openings I’ve seen and boxes you can get filled with things of different items ranging from candles, pets, books, etc., I finally found one that will be fit for teenagers and preteens.  has a lot of fun for learning in one small box.  “It might be small, but it’s mighty.”  Each box packs a world of confidence for every child.  If they are struggling in reading or spelling, this little box is the right gift to help them to get through it and further.

It comes with 2 packs of word cards.

Super Skills Box

One set of cards has the pronunciation and the word on the other side.  The other side has the definition and the word on it.  By using both sets of cards, they not only learn the words, but how to spell them (by memorizing those words), pronouncing them and the meanings.

Alright, so we talked about the cards and what this box is all about.  Now, let’s get into the entire contents for you to have a better idea of what this whole box is about and how it can help your child or any child in your life.

Inside they’ll also find, other than the word cards, will be a sticker and magnet.  (Sticker is in the other photos.)

They will find a little inspiration note in there too!

There is a poster included with a map to success.

Then you have this amazing book that is included.  Inside of this book, your child will become mesmerized by it.  Inside of it there is an overview of what they learn from what is included in the box.  It is not just any normal overview.  It includes tests, yes.  But, it also includes games and puzzles.

For the parents: there are instructions for creative ways to apply these learning skills to your every day routines.

My favorite are the word search puzzles.  It does contain crossword puzzles and fill in the sentences.

As you can see, this little box comes with a punch! is something every parent should consider, or even teachers.  You can go to choose from grades starting at 3rd grade and it goes up to the 8th grade.  Shipping is free within the contiguous United States.


Would I recommend this?

Absolutely!  This box comes with my daughter in mind.  She loves all sorts of puzzles.  She has a really bad southern slang type accent like me and I’m hoping that this will help a little.  I’ve lived in the south in the middle of a small town all of my life.  Here, if it’s how we want to say it, that is how it sticks from our parents, their parents and so forth.  I am hoping that it will be something that will help her for that too.  It does sound right in my head, but it always sounds so “ick” in when it comes out.  I don’t want her to do that.

Super Skills Box is actually 1 word with the (dot) com at the end.



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  • Lillian

    This looks like a wonderful resource. It would be great if they offered similar resources for younger ages. I think the visual nature would be very helpful for my daughter who experiences the world through the autism spectrum.

  • Angela Zimsky

    This is definitely something I would do for my daughter when she gets older. She is only 2 now but I think this would be very helpful to older children.

  • SuperSkillsBox

    thank you too for this honest review!
    It is our goal to help children develop their language skills , for them to be confident with their own words.
    Being able to communicate effectively is one of the key to success! 💪 💪 💪

  • littleprinceleopold

    This is very cool! My son is still too young to appreciate it but it’s nice to see them coming out with great learning tools for older kids too!

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