UPDATE: “Which UV Protection Sleeves would you choose?” Sun sleeves.

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As some of you know, the sun sleeves for UV protection that I’ve been needing, I’ve finally ordered them.  I also bought some for my 12 (almost 13) year old daughter.  I want to share some of them with you as some of you did not know that they even existed.  These are the ones that I ordered and they were bought on Amazon.  Keep in mind these are my own thoughts and everyone’s are different sometimes.

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I bought 2 pairs of these.  I actually really like these.  They are not the ones that have no ability to stay up.  They have something around the inside of the top to hold them up.  They do NOT move any.  They fit perfectly for those that are pretty active.  It keeps you from pulling at them every few minutes or while you’re going down the road.  One of these is a back up in case one gets stained.  But here is the thing, they don’t stain easily.  All it takes is a bit of Palmolive and a bit of baking soda.  They come pretty clean, if from blood (where I had scratched due to the sun hitting my arms).  They are also the cooling type.  Cost: $10.01



http://amzn.to/2odjDpMThese have an eagle print on it.  They are very colorful and cooling as well.  They also have red flowers on it.  They make great for those that love to celebrate our countries favorite bird (I think the 4th of July, which they also have the American flag, but you’d have to go here.) Cost: $9.99







http://amzn.to/2nIp95T These are more of an eagle without the red in it.  It’s more scenery than anything.  The eagle in this one is soaring with its wings spread wide.  They are also cooling sun sleeves.  I really like these because I have always loved the idea of eagles soaring.  Cost: $9.99







sun sleeves http://amzn.to/2nrgPVOThese are a wild color with the black panther on them.  They are more of your biker type sleeves.  I’m thinking that everyone that I bought had the cooling ability.  I don’t like my arms getting hot and the sun sure don’t help the matter.  These are $9.99







http://amzn.to/2o2kvQAThis is basically like the set above.  However, it consists more of a wild and angry version of the panther.  It too is very colorful with cooling sensations.  They come up to the upper arm and do not cover the hands.  Cost is $9.99








http://amzn.to/2o2hRusI also bought these as they come in a set that costs $11.80.  I can wear the grey, black and white ones for any occasion.  I can wear the others when I don’t have to go somewhere that consists of a business matter.  I’ll be wearing the green ones for gardening since the ones that I did get are easy to clean and don’t consist of stains when washed correctly.






I think these are better than paying $20 – $30 a piece.  I’ve checked a lot of sports stores in our local area.  Since golfers, some ball players and other sports players wear them a lot of the time, they consist of higher prices.  (This is a guess.)  I honestly do not see paying those prices.


My thoughts:

Everyone of these have the grip on the inside (not sure what the material is) and it helps to hold them in place.  I didn’t want something that was like what I bought a few years ago or the ones that I got for review about 3 years ago.  They are to lose around the hands, make it difficult to drive, text, type or anything else.  They are to lose around the hands and are very flimsy.  Not to mention I have to keep pulling these up constantly.  With that said, I chose to actually get something that don’t cover my hands and that I don’t have to keep pulling up all of the time.  I do not recommend the ones that have “b.m.c.” written where the hands are because they are loose.  They do cover the hands and have thumb holes, but what is the point if they are so loose that you can’t do anything?  I can understand if they were lose enough to be able to move but tight enough that they won’t get in the way.



This post does contain affiliate links.  It is not a sponsored post.  All items were bought with our money and not blogging finances.  All thoughts are my own and no others.  This post is in the guidelines of the FTC.

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