Stop Smoking With A Combination Of Natural Methods

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Smoking is one of the modern epidemics that’s still proving tough to quit. While there is an abundance of resources to help people stop, sometimes it’s the natural approaches that work the best. While we all know someone that absolutely detests smoking, there’s still a pocket of society that is struggling with kicking the habit once and for all. So, is a natural approach to giving up the best way? And if it is, are there any methods that we could all benefit from? Or is it a combination of approaches that will work in our favor?

Changing Your Mindset

Addiction, like any problem in life, is best addressed with an alteration in mindset. When we undergo a traumatic time, we can struggle to overcome adversity because we don’t have the mindset for it. With something like addiction, the withdrawal symptoms become overwhelmingly difficult. This means that we work to satisfy these physical and mental tics or rather than treating the underlying cause. But much like if you have an itch you need to scratch, addiction is one of those mindsets that are not so easy to alter. This is where hypnotherapy could prove to be beneficial. Hypnotherapy is a common treatment for those that want to give up and it appears to be one of the best.

But it all depends on the attitudes you have towards it. The benefit of hypnotherapy is that, when done right, it goes deep into the subconscious, which doesn’t just provide commands for you to alter your attitude, but rather, address the underlying causes of the addiction. Because we can replace one addiction with another, this can turn into a cycle that’s difficult to break out of. Hypnotherapy should give you the clarity to understand why you smoke in the first place, and much like counseling, once you understand the underlying cause, it frees you up and makes you understand why you have an emotional attachment to this substance, making the act of quitting a longer lasting prospect.

Herbal Cigarettes

It is one of the more natural alternatives to nicotine treatments. There are other, more popular methods, like vaping. And while you can buy vape juice at Om Vapors or numerous e-cigarette providers, if this hasn’t been giving you the results you’re after, it might not be about the nicotine intake, but rather the psychological aspect of smoking. You may enjoy having something in between your fingers, and the very act of inhaling, which can be an almost Zen-like practice. Herbal cigarettes can work in this respect, and one of the other benefits includes the fact that they are a completely natural product. A lot of people have a problem because it doesn’t provide that relaxation sensation that comes with smoking. As such, this could be best used in conjunction with a small hit of nicotine, like an e-cigarette.


Another way to change your mindset towards addiction would be done to go acupuncture. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the most difficult areas of giving up an addiction to any substance. And there have been studies to show that acupuncture stimulates the brain in a certain way, and as this stimulates the brain to produce endorphins which calm the withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture is not a one-stop shop, or a quick fix. The great thing about having acupuncture on a regular basis is that it tops you up in terms of this euphoric feeling you have post-acupuncture. It certainly works well with the combination method like hypnotherapy or even meditation, but if you are looking for other ways to release endorphins into the body and brain, you may find that you’ve got to take a more comprehensive approach.

Acupuncture alone won’t provide all of the solutions. In fact, when you look at other ways to release endorphins, this is why exercise has been long touted as a proper method of reducing cravings. And much like using a sweetener to replace sugar, you have to be careful. Exercising doesn’t become too much of addiction. Exercising is good for us, but if we’re not treating the underlying mindsets, this put this way back to square one.

Natural Ingredients

As a method to help someone quit smoking, there are so many methods out there purported to be incredibly beneficial. From the perspective of a cynic, can a natural aroma minimize cigarette cravings? This is when something like aromatherapy can come into its own. While the right herbs have antidepressant properties, when you are using certain aromatherapy oils, essential oils can provide a backdoor method of giving up on smoking. For example, cardamom seeds are potent and spicy, which will naturally have an impact on anybody’s taste buds. As our olfactory system is linked to scent and emotion, when we are looking to disguise the temptations, strong smells can work in our favor.

The Essential Lifestyle Changes

Last, but by no means least, undertaking a natural approach to stop smoking means that we’ve got to understand our own individual triggers. Our lifestyle dictates the triggers. As such, if we drink coffee, and we need a cigarette to go with it, this flicks on an automatic switch in our brain, releasing these cravings for cigarettes. But with stimulants like caffeine, the withdrawal symptoms can come to a head. As such, if we are able to avoid caffeine or stimulants such as sugar, we stand a fighting chance in our home environment. But on the topic of the environment, we’ve got to find the ones that induce cravings.

For many, drinking alcohol, or going through a stressful situation or reasons to start smoking. As such, if we identify these triggers, and do our best to either avoid them or tackle them, we can reduce these cravings. But also, we have to remember that in terms of mindset, if we constantly feel the desire to pick up a cigarette, then we will forever be on that precipice. Undertaking meditation or mindfulness isn’t just a way to switch off that part of the brain, but it can help us develop a more tactical approach to stress in general. If we have a lot of stress in our daily lives, it’s essential that we start to practice an approach to mindfulness. Something like deep breathing helps us to switch off our fight or flight response, minimizing our cortisol levels, but also ensuring that we work better with coping during stressful times. As such, we won’t go for the things our brain thinks we need.

Is It Mind Over Matter?

Addiction is one of those issues that can arise from a certain mindset. As such, we need to understand what these mindsets are in our own heads. Because if we start to fill our pantry with herbal teas, if we’re not getting to the root of the problem, our efforts will be futile. Kicking the habit is a battle of wills that we have to address within our own minds. Some people would appear to have a more malleable mindset, so they are likelier to relapse, but others find that they can quit any addiction with ease.

A natural approach can be the best way to give up smoking, but if we don’t arm ourselves with the right mental tools, it could prove to be fruitless. Be sure that you arm yourself with the knowledge, and understand your mindset before undergoing and natural approach to giving up smoking. We all know that it’s bad for us, but it’s about switching off that trigger in our mind.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  There are no affiliate links included in this post.  All thoughts are my own and no other.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC

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