YouCopia Spice Rack is a life saver

YouCoupia Spice Rack has been life and space saver!  I have so many spices.  My husband told me that I needed one of these shelves.  I didn’t realize that having one and placing it in the cabinet on a shelf would be so much better.  I had them on a turn table under the counter and that was a mess by itself.  I had to go through over 20 of them to find the right one.  Not to mention that I had to bend over to go through them.  That put so much strain on my back.

000I’ve enjoy cooking with my herbs and spices which are a big part of that.  Between the meats that I cook, pastas, sauces, and everything that I can think to cook, these are a huge part of that.

I don’t use any certain brand.  What I find, if I can’t find it in one brand all at the same store, I go with another one.  Sometimes the stores have spices that another store doesn’t.  That leads to loads of them in different brands.

This one shelf is a layer of four steps that holds 24 spices and has a metal stand in the back to raise it up and make it easier to see and find the ones that I am looking for.  It is made of a really hard plastic material.  If you haven’t noticed, it does help to make sure that they are all facing outwards.  The smaller ones, I stacked to put more on the shelf and can still see what is in there.

I did realize that in a hurry of cooking a quick meal, even with the spices, it helps to keep them facing forward and where I can see them.  It takes less time and you don’t have to pick them all up to find the right one.

I cook every day for five children, myself and my husband.  Sometimes for more than that when the children invite their friends over.  My children range from 19 months to almost 18 years (she’ll be 18 in March).  My eldest one moved to Sweden, so she was included until July of last year.

Some of these spices are difficult to find and I try to keep at least one of every kind.  I never know when I am going to need them.  This spice rack has been a great huge help.  I’m very glad to have it to keep my head screwed on straight.  My husband already said that I have a huge OCD issue with keeping things in order and that this would be a huge help and not be so frustrating.  He’s right about that.

He has also told me that I drive him crazy when I get like that and I can’t find something.  (Thank you, honey!)


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