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I absolutely love the dress that I have found on one of the best and most affordable clothing sites I’ve ever found.  How much do you think a dress like that runs?  Close to $100 normally, right?

Nope!  That beauty costs right at $45!!!
Everyone has got to check out as they have the prettiest clothing and accessories.  Their shoes are even more reasonably priced better than in the stores.
The dress is a Beige Spaghetti Strap Embroidery Cascading Chiffon Dress.  Price is exactly $45.
The necklace on the bottom right is a Green Gemstone Gold Hollow Collar Necklace and costs $8.51.
The other necklace is the Green Drop Gemstone Gold Crystal Chain Necklace and is only $8.98.
The cuff bracelet is a Cross Shape Hollow-Out Cuff Bracelet for $9.16.
The earrings are Green Gemstone Gold Chain Tassel Earrings for $7.18.

Their shipping is also FREE worldwide!  That’s more savings!

At these prices, you can’t beat those anywhere in a store that is in a local building!  Normally anything with just those five products would cost an arm, leg and maybe even a few other limbs on my type of budget.  
I have got to share some more photos with all of you to see the other things that they have there as well!
These clothes are absolutely affordable and very elegant.  Fashion must haves for a woman like myself.  I no longer have an excuse not to buy myself clothing for once in my parenthood life.
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