Scammer ALERT! BEWARE! Updated 08/03/2012


Here is the information that has been dug up on the one scammer that will contact you on Yardsellr to get you to add her on Facebook and states she cannot send you a message.  When you add her, she tells you that she has stuff for sell and that she don’t like listing things herself and will sell it to you for half the cost.  There are things she has made, Scentsy items, Pink Zebra items and more.  She does have a site with Pink Zebra (hopefully not for long) and she tries to get you to pay through a service called  She will tell you that she don’t like using paypal and to sign up for Serve and they give you a $10 enrollment bonus, which you never get!  She took me for $70 and said she would not refund it and couldn’t sell it to no one else.  Said that there was still $120 left to be paid on it.  Gave a tracking number that was bogus! Told her to sell it to someone else and she said no one else wanted to buy it because she already told them that I wanted it.  Said she could not refund my money due to the fact it was my fault.

Here is the information dug up on her so far:

Name on Facebook: Jackie Scarbrough
Real name through Serve: Rhonda Scarbrough
Emails that I’ve found that she does use: (also her email),,
Her facebook (one of them) is:
Her phone number (and she does call you if you enter the information on her site): 1(812)457-3298
Her “Pink Zebra” link is:
DOB: 02/12-1970
Here are a few other links associated with her:


UPDATE:  Looks like she’s set up a new Facebook account to lure others again!

Her new Yardsellr account link:$0020Scarbrough$0020Yardsale

I’ve reported here to and  If she were not guilty, why on Earth would anyone set up a new Facebook account?  Looks like Another Mabel White / Deborah Dolen with multiple names and pages and all.  Just another version of her but hopefully this will bring it all out to those that need to be warned of her activities.

I’m not stalking her, but trying to keep up with her moves to keep everyone updated to keep you from being hurt the way that I had been. Be very CAREFUL!

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