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Correction. I logged into and researched what I had paid her.  $15.95 one time, $50.05 one time, $6 one time and $26 one time.  A total of $98 was scammed out of me.  :*(  Money I could had saved for my five children and my medications. All because I thought I could resell the items to make a profit.  Please don’t do this to yourself or your family!

Not sure if this will be of any help from either me to you or you to me.  However I am not happy with a certain person that is buying cell phones and other elaborate things from Yardsellr.

I’m not even 100% sure of what she has bought or not but seen her facebook profile and her posts to other sellers there.

She sent several the same message as she sent me to add her on Facebook as a friend and then messaged me to ask if I wanted to buy items from her and she don’t like paypal.  I asked her if there were another way to pay her online and securely.  She sent me to a site called  By doing so, and not realizing that the site is not approved for refunds from those that scam, I sent her over $70 for the items + $15.95 for shipping.  When she sent me a bogus tracking number, that to this day as of two weeks now, don’t work.  She then stated that she mailed it and it was on it’s way.  However, about three messages later, she said she had to go pay extra postage on a flat rate box to where the post office will mail it out. 

At that moment a red flag went up!

She then asked me to pay the other $120 (which I would have if it hadn’t been for the red flag).  (Also I refuse to keep quiet until she refunds my $70 + $15.95 I paid for shipping.)  I’ve dug up all the information I can on this woman and have found out two things.  One, her name is not Jackie as her Facebook page said.  According to her serve account, her name is Rhonda.  Also, she has another Facebook page under another name, which I’ve blocked her to keep from having any further issues with her or I’d post the link and the name here.

What information I’ve dug up on her is enough to let me know that she scammed me for my money.  She’s targeting Yardsellr sellers and having them to contact her off of Yardsellr on Facebook with private messages.  Says that she has some hand made stuff, Scentsy items and other things she wants to get out of the way and that she don’t like listing things herself.  Said she’d make a really good deal if they buy it.  Says she don’t like paypal and has them to sign up for a site called

When the red flag went up, I asked her nicely to give back my money and said she couldn’t IF she wanted to.  Said she didn’t have it (then the post to the yardsellr item for the cell phones came on her page, which to me meant that she blew it as soon as she had it).  Then she wanted me to pay the other $120, and I told her no because I didn’t have it due to paying for my medications that are really expensive.  Then she asked me to pay $85 as she needed it right then.  Again, honestly answered her and told her I didn’t have it.  She got mad and started ranting at me about it.  Said she wasn’t going to refund my money due to the fact it was my fault for agreeing to buy the items, which I should had the first package at the time and no tracking was recorded at all.  She had given me a bogus tracking number that was from the usps and didn’t work.  She never sent out the first package to begin with.

My point is this.  She’s targeting Yardsellr customers and sellers.  I want you to be aware of it and I know that is money that I could had used and not thought about the resell of the items when I could had just kept what money I had.  The extra money was not worth losing to try to make a bit more due to my medical issues.

When I contacted they said there was nothing that they could do about getting my money back.  I would have to take legal action to get my money back (which is pointless cause it would cost a whole lot more!).  So, since I used my paypal card to pay for it, I’ve got to call them and see if there is something I can do to stop it since it was a fraud issue.

I just wish there was something I could do more to stop it.  I’ve posted as many places as I can and can think of to stop it, but it is pointless as she will just turn around and sign up with another name and account.  🙁

Lia Burres
(Lavonnia Allison-Burres)

PS  I will not stop posting anything about this until I get ALL of my money back as this has to be said to keep others from falling into this trap.  I feel that this is something that should be brought out into the open.  She said that she would post everything in the conversations that we had.  However, with a scam artist, we all know that they manipulate to cause it to turn on the other person.  We all know that they can just simply change the words in a sentence to make it into something that it is not.  Please, keep your payments through paypal for fraud issues!  Please do not make a purchase without going through a secure site you are use to using and know that you are protected.  Please, do not fall for anyone contacting you for this reason to protect yourself! 

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  • Lia

    Please do not give her money. You will never see it or the money. I never got any of my money back out of her. I've also gotten other moms from MomPacks that have had bad experiences with her and there are many others out there that she has scammed. I'm sorry you have had to deal with this. And, I wouldn't want to eat that either. There is not tellings what on Earth she is capable of or what she would put in it.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered home made candy from her last Sunday. It was one thing after another, she couldnt come to Henderson because too far, wanted me to pay for her gas too. Had to make extra candy and wanted me to buy more than I orginaly wanted.Today she wanted me to take money to her sister in Henderson and she would bring candy next day. I told her flat out no.Im really thinking I dont want to eat anything she has made.Thanks for sharing your experience with her.

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