Rock Your Inner Mamma Review

Peaceful meditation for moms, dads and guardians.
Coming from a mom that always thought these things didn’t work, this one really changed my mind.  I had always thought that these meditation type recordings were just boring people talking.
Well, no more.  I’m a mom of five children and it’s not to difficult but when they get to arguing, it seems like it will never stop and I start going into panic attacks.
I put on the headphones and thought, “Let’s see how well this works.”
Let me tell you that this actually changed my mind about meditation all together, also about the fact of these recordings that some thing are never going to work.
The Rock Your Inner Mamma recordings relaxed me enough to keep me from going into a full panic attack, focus on my parenting skills and allowed me to think of how to deal with the situation that was at hand.
My recommendation to all parents that need help focusing on your family, children and the life in which you lead is this:
Check out “Rock Your Inner Mamma“!  It will help you through some of the most stressful situations, calm when you’re stressed or going into panic mode.
The voice is calm, soothing and it can even help you while you’re sleeping!
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Mental Yoga Workout for Parents


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