Review updates

I do not mind reading and reviewing erotica books.  There is only a small catch to this though.  I cannot review them on my blog. I will review them on goodreads and also on amazon, or any other sites that your books are listed on.

I just personally reviewed Pack Laws the Awakening by Marie Stephens.  This is why I am posting here for those of my readers that are wondering about the book reviews. I have to keep it family friendly and safe for the younger audience that comes through.

If you want a book reviewed, feel free to contact me at

There are many other types of items that I do review besides books.  If you’d like to have any other items reviewed, feel free to email me for more information.  Be sure to tell me in the email what you’re wanting reviewed, your social links and any sites that your items sell on to be included in the blog.

Looking forward to doing more reviews very shortly.

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