(re)fresh Eye Recovery Serum

The container on this looks so much like a medical syringe.  It’s really skin therapy.  This is an eye recovery serum.  I guess you could also call it “wrinkle therapy”.  You apply this 2x daily around the eyes with the fingertips.

They do NOT test on animals.  Another great thing about the company is that they ask for you to recycle when you’re done with the container as it’s made out of plastic.  It is also made in the USA.

I have to give the packaging two thumbs up.  It’s like a syringe, but it locks to keep the top where it won’t move when stored to keep it from being mashed and the contents going everywhere and becoming a waste.  The end is also covered twice.  One is a rubber piece that covers the original end and the other is a plastic lid that goes over the end of the rubber ending of the tube.

Keep in mind that this is for external use only.  If you’d like more information, you can visit the product on Amazon.com or Refreshskintherapy.com.  I recommend purchasing this on Amazon as you get a discount right now as this is being published here on my blog.

This is a honest review of my own thoughts.  The product was received in hopes of this.  There has been no other compensation offered, intended or expected.  There are some affiliate links included in the review.  This earns a small portion of income via a small percentage.  By purchasing through those links, I will earn to help support this blog and my family.  This post is also in the FTC guidelines.

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