Quilted water proof pads for beds, adult sized! #WeareverUS

This is a reusable water proof pad that is used on a bed for adults or even smaller children.  It works well and keeps the furniture or mattress dry from any accidents that might happen due to weak bladders or not being potty trained yet.  Even leaky diapers are no match for this!
It’s quilted on one side to help with absorbing any spilled liquids or accidental leakage and not allowing it to spread over to much of the pad.  The other side is covered with a water proof type of fabric that keeps it in place and keeps it from leaking through.
The two pieces are sown together with some heavy stitching that keeps it from coming apart.  It’s only sown together on the outside boarder areas.  The other parts are not sown together to make it come cleaner during their washing.  They are sturdy enough to be washed hundreds of times, if not more than that.  They are high quality and very sturdy too.
My thoughts:
I love how well this works for my son and my infant son.  Both are bed wetters.  One just has a weak bladder and the other can’t keep from having a leaky diaper.  So far these have saved me a whole lot of money.  I’d hate to know how many of the disposable pads I would have already gone through.  These are more economical and also eco-friendly.  I love that about these.  I also like that they pad the mattress to make it more comfortable and these are great feeling when sleeping. They don’t cause discomfort when they are sleeping.  
I recommend the ones for WearEver brand.  These are the best ones that I’ve came across and I would recommend them before any of the others.  The WearEver brand is higher quality, softer and also better in every way possible.  These are hospital grade and size.  They even make some that are stylish.  I love the plaid ones more than any of the others.
These can be purchased on WearEver website.
This item was received in hopes of my honest thoughts and review.  All thoughts are my own.  No other compensation has been given, nor is there any intended.  This review is in the guidelines of the FTC.

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