Questions For Our Fans

What we want to know:
1.  What is your favorite book?
2.  If we were to post reviews on a different site and update you with links here, would you be willing to follow us there too?
3.  What kind of articles attract your attention?
4.  What are your interests when reading? (history, religion, children, parenting, etc.)
5.  Do you own a business?
6.  Would you be interested in learning to work from home? (blogging, drop shipping, etc.)
7.  If an interview were offered to a business or author, who would you like to read about?
8.  Do you enjoy our giveaways?
9.  What other types of giveaways would you like to see, if we can manage them?
10.  What information would you like to see added to this blog?
These questions are very important to us.  Please comment your answers to us.  We would like to have all of your comments and answers before Monday, if possible.  This will allow us to move forward a bit further with our progress!
Lia (Blog Owner)

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