Purex Liquid Crystal Softener. #Freshness #Purex #laundry

Purex Crystals has a new style.  They now come in a new version that make our laundry soft and smelling fresh, much longer.  There are three scents as of now.  One is Fresh Spring Waters, then Fresh Lavender Blossom and Fresh Mountain Breeze.
This liquid is unique and does up to .35% more loads of laundry than the solid crystals do.
These crystals in liquid form, Scent Splash, are available as of the beginning of April.  With that said, I’m going to give you a chance to win 1 coupon for 1 FREE bottle of the Scentsplash (you get to choose which scent you want, if you win).
The liquid Crystals, Scentsplash, works great and leaves your clothing smelling great longer than any other detergent out there.  Your clothing is softer too.
Contest has ended and is no longer available.
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