Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow

What are the benefits of a pregnancy pillow?


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There are a whole lot of benefits of using a pregnancy pillow.  After having six children, I’ve learned a whole lot of tips and tricks of pregnancies.  I’ve had complications and have had some that were smooth running.

I didn’t learn of a pregnancy pillow until about the fourth child that came along.  This is when I had my now 12-year-old daughter.   She was only 5 pounds and 12 ounces, 18 inches long and had a head full of hair.  Even then, the doctor was highly concerned with how she developed.

Then came my fifth pregnancy.  With him, I tried everything to keep this one going.  I lost one of the twins.  Then well after that my placenta had stopped working.  I had no idea and it ended up that I barely made it through this with a living baby.  He was 4 pounds and 2 ounces and 14 inches long.  His blood pressure, nor his body temp, was stable and they couldn’t get it to, not even with a heating unit for when they deliver.   His breathing was bad to the point that he couldn’t get enough oxygen and he wouldn’t even cry.  He couldn’t eat or feed from even a bottle.  My husband I were so worried that he would be lost.  Thankfully, the doctor was a smart one, quick thinking and brought in the best pediatrician that was in town.  We were living near a Navy base and they had some really great doctors in the area.  (If the truth be told, I was the doctor’s favorite during that time.)

It started off that the doctor was worried that my son was not growing as he should have.  He started sending me to specialists that were across the state line.  They were doing ultrasounds every month and watching him closely.  My blood pressure also went up and he tried everything to keep it down.  (Sometime, I’ll tell you all about the deal with the temp and being in the hospital with my husband sitting there and what the doctor said.)

The doctor told me that I needed to use a maternity pillow.  Well, at that time I couldn’t afford one.  I had to literally start with a body pillow.  Two to be exact.  That doesn’t mean that I had what I needed.  It worked to an extent.  However, by the end of it, he barely made it.  What happened you ask? All I know is that he was so small and had so many health issues that he was sent off over 100 miles from where I was and put in a NICU that was special for infants like him.  I couldn’t go with him because he had to be born via C-section.  His umbilical cord fell off before he ever got to the NICU!  That was less than 3 hours after birth!  If the doctor had not delivered him when he did, my son would not have made it into this world alive.  The doctor told me that afternoon that my placenta had stopped working.  The outcome of sleeping on my back while carrying him.

So when it came to the sixth pregnancy, my husband made sure that I had the support that I needed.  They were still worried after the deal with my son, Robert, that there were going to be to many issues.  This doctor was after I moved out of GA.  I had to go to 2 different doctors every other week, ultrasounds every single time.  When he arrived, he was still small, but not as small.  AND he was healthy except for reflux.  You can’t even tell that now.  He’s got a set of lungs and able to eat and drink anything.

Pregnancy pillow
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Then, I read an article about pregnancy pillows to figure out what the big deal had been.  You’ll be amazed with all of the information that came with it.

Here are the benefits and what I learned:

  1. Using one of these helps with the circulation to the placenta as well as you and the baby.
  2. It’s good for your back alignment.
  3. It doesn’t stretch your ligaments from your tummy where the baby is because they are in one place and can fall to the side.  That causes you to end up with your tummy stretching more than normally and it causes stretch marks.
  4. If your back is out of alignment then you will feel the pain later on life (and it’s not the pain that you expect either).

There are correct ways of using one of these.  This is something that I had issues with.  Somehow, I still ended up laying on my back when I used the body pillows.  Guess how?  They didn’t stay in place and they moved when I did.  They should have stayed in place to where I couldn’t roll onto my back which put pressure on the blood flow from me to baby.  The fetus put that pressure from themselves weighing down on those veins.  By doing that, the flow of blood decreases and causes the baby’s growth to slow and decreases.  You will end up with a smaller bundle.

There are factors when choosing the right kind of comfort for you when purchasing one.  Those are as follows:

• Find a pillow that suits your particular needs. Note that they come in different quality materials and design. Be sure to choose one that best addresses your needs.
• Go for the one with the highest quality and from a trusted brand. The padding should be stuffed sufficiently to support your weight off the mattress.
• Buy one with a washable cover for easy cleaning

The correct way to use one is:

• Start by supporting the neck to ensure that the spine remains as straight as possible
• Wedge it under the belly to ease the pressure on your back
• Place it between your legs to relieve the pressure on your joints
• Make sure that it supports your back to ensure that you do not roll back or on your side while sleeping.

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That image is the type that my husband ended up getting me for the last one.  We were thrilled when we finally got a doctor to tie my tubes.  I didn’t want my babies to be born with medical issues.  But that one comfy cushion is something that I wish I still had.  Yes, pregnancy or no pregnancy, I’d certainly love to still have one.  They are that comfortable and with my back like it is (caused from not having the right formation of my body through all of those minions being brought into this world), I may be getting another one soon.  There are more benefits to these.  But the most important one, is to keep you and your growing unborn life healthy and happy!



Not needed.  There is no affiliate links in this post.  This is just a FYI since I wanted to share my own experience with everyone.  This is in the guidelines of the FTC.

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