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This is a wonderful photo editing software program that has free and paid options!

Recently I had been using to do my photo editing.  So, I am going to tell you the difference and the savings you’ll see when you use the photo editing software by  They do offer FREE accounts as well as the savings you’ll see below!  There are wonderful benefits to using this program and you’ll see the differences below.

I got to looking into wanting to use a different photo editing software.  I finally found one that I like and it’s actually cheaper.  It’s easier to use too!

There are many different things that this software / site can do.  It makes announcements, collages, edits photos, creates banners for different social sites (including our blog, which will eventually be updated).  (Note: This has since been updated as of August 2017)

Photo Editing Software
Say hello to my entire family (including all of my minions). I can’t include my granddaughter, but I did include my other daughter’s images from many years ago. She asked that I not use any recent ones of her.

I made a collage of all of my minions, as well as myself and my husband.  It allowed me to change the background, use different fonts with different colors, and it allowed me to create every size of the photos possible.  The only thing that took so long was choosing the photos that I wanted to use!

Yes, I know, there are also those on the other site too.  But, this was a cheaper investment.

Photo editing software
Say hello to Ryder when he was younger. Yes, the image is different than in the first collage.

This image is the same one that is in the first collage.  It took me less than 2 minutes to create this and it pretty much was a simple 5 (or less) step process.  I loved that I didn’t have to sit and play with this for very long to get it like I wanted to.  This is to show you that it can be done and that it turned out great and in very little time.  I think this one took me about 3 minutes to create.  It was pretty close to it!

Photo editing software
This is a template from

This is a template that they have.  All I had to do, was spend less than 2 minutes changing the words to my own.  It was a template already put into motion and created by them.  You can change the background images too.


Price that costs:

For an entire year, the site costs $34.99!  That is $2.91 when it is billed annually.

If you’d prefer to pay monthly, it’s only $4.99.



Compared to at $3.99 billed annually at $47.88 or at $7.99 per monthly subscription.

You are saving $12.89 per year via annually.  Monthly you’d be saving $3.


My thoughts:

I actually like the a lot better.  It is easier to use and easier to navigate through the site and to use for photos that I need to create and / or edit.  There is also a great way of creating invitations to events of all sorts.  It took me forever when I would do photos with Pic and with FotoJet it took almost no time at all!  I am very impressed and have found a great alternative and saving myself some money.  I used Pic for a long time and it always irritated me that it would take so long and it never was exactly like I would want it to be.  I am proud to say that this photo editing software is one that I will keep for sure!


Would I recommend FotoJet?  You better believe it!



Bit O’ Everything did not receive any compensation for this sponsored post.  We did receive a free account of service for the post.  We want to thank for being our sponsor for this post!  All thoughts are our own and no other’s.  This blog post is in the guidelines of the FTC.

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