Ozeri 4x3runner Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology and Dual Walking & Running Modes Review

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
This Ozeri pedometer is completely different than any other that I’ve ever seen or used. It will actually record your distance either walking or running.  There is a built in memory for up to 1 million steps!

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
It has an auto sleep mode to sleep when not in use.  It also has the ability to keep up with the days that you do things and keeps records for up to 30 days of your activities.  I has the clip extention on it to where you can clip it to yourself other than just the clip on the back so that if it slips off it will still be attached and it’s not lost.  The clip on the back slides off with ease.

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
The best part is, it is water resistant.  I know that sweat can cause some to quit working or if it starts raining on you before you reach your destination when running outdoors they can get wet and stop working altogether.  That is what I like most about this one.  All of my other pedometers would stop working if I started sweating.  You couldn’t read it or it would never work again!  I always hated that when it came to the other pedometers.  Some were just not made for exercise unless it was built into a treadmill.
Ozeri has outdone themselves with this one.  I have also had issues with losing mine due to the clip coming lose.  The extra clips keep it in place when and were you need it the most!
This one would have to make a great gift for any athletic!  
I received this in return for my own thoughts and honest review.  There were no other compensations given for the review.

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