Oz Naturals: Skin Science Nature (Facial Cleanser)

Oz Naturals has developed a cream to cleanse the skin of your facial area much better than most facial cleansers.  It also contains Rose Hip Oil and Vitamin E.  It helps by soothing and renewing the skin, stimulating the cellular regeneration.  It helps with anti-aging and making the skin look younger.
To apply this, you can use either a cloth or hands.  Be sure to moisten with water and wash thoroughly.  I do suggest for the best results, you use small circular motions going from the chin upward to the forehead.  This allows the pores to open and cleanse better.  Rinse off all of the wash using a warm damp cloth.
The Oz Natural facial cleanser will leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.  That is one of the things that my teenage daughter likes the most considering her skin type.  I like it because of the pregnancy acne and it’s something that is hard to get under control.
There is no after smell, nor does it leave a feeling of “something is still left on my skin”.
Their products are made in the USA and this one is 72% organic.
For more information on the Oz Products, and other types of information, be sure to visit their website at www.oznaturals.com.  You can purchase Oz Naturals on Amazon.com.
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