Organize Your Life and More by Christina Scalise

The cover says very little about how this book tells you so many different ways and things to do to finally throw out the chaos of all the things in your life from clothing, kitchen and files.  Everything you can possibly think of is covered in this book on how to get all of your life and home organized and off your nerves.
A few of the great ideas that I’ve seen inside of the book are located in Chapter 4 section 1.  Help Wanted.  The idea of posting a Help Wanted on the fridge.  She’s right, sounds silly, but think on it for a moment.  Would you want to post a sign and offer to let your children earn either money or an extra privileges, or have to do it all yourself and never get the house organized to where you have any time to slow down and not be able to unwind and rid yourself of some stress?
Mrs. Scalise mentions that this is also a good thing for you and them.  They learn responsibility by doing this (those are my words).  (Her words, but not exact words.) They earn a little extra money for something that they want, a new privilege or even a new movie or CD, game or something.  Either way, they can earn their way to one of those items by helping with the Help Wanted.  On the Help Wanted sign that you post in the kitchen, be sure to put down things you need done.  

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