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Order Out of Chaos Academic Planners for back to school!

Right about now, all parents are getting ready for that time of year when we have to start buying back to school supplies.  I myself have been buying quite a few for sending three of mine back to school.  I have even gotten my high school student an Order Out of Chaos academic planner for her back to school supplies list that the stores now supply.  By purchasing through them, you’re going to obtain one of the sets that they offer.  The offer more than just the one that I’ll be telling you about.

Order Out of Chaos

They offer a wonderful option for your child’s back to school planners.  It helps them to keep their things in order.  These planners have stickers for keeping everything sorted for classes, dates, months and much more.

There are “To Do”, “Important”, “Test” and other useful stickers to use inside of the books.

They will learn to manage their time to allow them to complete within a certain time frame. That will give them a little bit of free time when they complete their tasks.

I know that my children enjoy their free time and need to keep up with their assignments.  Sometimes they forget one of those tasks at school and work like crazy to get it completed before that one class.

Image from Order Out of Chaos

Right now, Order Out of Chaos is offering a 20% off code for one of their planners.  The code to use is “PLANNER20”.

Above, you’ll find the dividers that go on the top of the pages where new months start.  This allows them easy and quick access to the months that are divided up.  Each month also has pages between them that allows them to place notes for things that they need to remember.

Above is one of the planners that I got from their site.  It’s “a tool for time management”.  As if  you can’t see that on the bottom.  Right?  Even bloggers would actually find this useful.  Even if you don’t get to use Google during the time for using a spreadsheet.  I, myself, can be a very forgetful person!  Actually, I’ve got to be the worse one I’ve personally seen out of anyone that I’ve ever met… besides my Uncle.  We both have that in common.

Now, let’s get back to your student.  Here they can also schedule in their next weeks events (practices, birthdays of their friends, etc.) and they can use the little boxes at the bottom to place a check mark off what they have completed.  The ruler is only 7 inches long but helps with smaller tasks needed in classes.

My teenager will be using her’s for her sophomore year this year.


Be sure to visit Order Out of Chaos to purchase these wonderful planners for your child!


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  • loisaltermark

    I could definitely have used this when my kids were younger. It looks like a great way to keep organized, and I love the name of it!

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