Nourishing The Body, Mind, And Soul

Nourishing The Body, Mind, And Soul

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links in this post. All thoughts are my own and no other. This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.  Nourishing the Body

If there’s one thing that has become more apparent in my adult life, it’s the importance of looking after myself. For years, as a child and a teenager, I lived life with wild abandon, not really ever taking the time or feeling the need to put my health first or think about the connection between my body and my mind. As I’ve racked up birthdays and endured and enjoyed life events, it’s become increasingly important to me to nourish my body, mind, and soul. Here are some of the most effective ways I’ve learned to put my health and wellbeing first.

Understanding healthy eating

If, like me, you tend to roll your eyes when you hear the word diet, it’s so important to understand the importance of separating dieting and healthy eating. Our society is obsessed with weight and many of us tend to link the word diet to weight loss immediately. Your diet is actually just a word used to describe the foods you eat. As the years have gone by, I’ve come to realize that being healthy isn’t about being a goal weight necessarily. It’s about following a diet plan that works for you and caters for your needs, and ensuring that the foods I eat have nutritional benefit for my body and my mind. I understand that my body needs certain nutrients, and it’s relying on me to make the right choices. If I fail in this quest, I generally feel sluggish and a bit lousy. Now, the focus is on choosing foods that are packed with goodness, rather than cutting out entire food groups or trying to survive on juices or leaves for a period of time. When you think about your own diet, is it spot on, or could you make positive changes?

Nourishing the Body

Finding time for fun

I have sympathy for anyone who feels frazzled on a regular basis. Having been through periods of stress, it’s so important to give yourself a break and make time for fun. Mental health often takes a backseat, but it’s so crucial. If you don’t devote enough time to protecting your psychological wellbeing, now is the time to take proactive steps to tackle and prevent stress, give yourself time to breathe, relax and recover, and make time for the things you love in life. Whether that means curling up with a book on a rainy day, taking the dogs for a long, brisk walk, catching up with friends or getting some paints and canvases out, do something that puts a smile on your face. I know I feel better even if I just take 5 minutes to indulge my interests and take a break.

Moving the body

I haven’t always been a massive fan of exercise, but it’s no secret that moving the body makes you feel better. Regular exercise lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer, and it can also decrease the chances of developing depression and anxiety. Exercise is also a natural stress reliever, it can encourage socialization and ambition, and build confidence. Don’t panic if you’re reading this and sweating at the thought of setting foot in a gym. You don’t have to crunch, lift, or sprint your way to good health. Just try and be more active on a daily basis. Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate activity per week.

These are just a few things I’ve learned about looking after myself over the years. Hopefully, they’ll give you food for thought.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  There are no affiliate links in this post.  All thoughts are my own and no other.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.  nourishing the body

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